About me

I am a multidisciplinary designer and a problem solver with past experiences in development and project management. I take every concept apart into pieces and study each part until I understand them.

Testing, hacking, thinking outside of the box and striving for the maximum are my working philosophies.

Sometimes I don’t know the right answers, but always try to find the right questions.

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Glamorous Camsite - 2014

The company wanted to enter the mainstream consumer market with a more soft and glamorous website. I had the opportunity to lead the design process and define the new product’s visual style. After an in-depth investigation and research about the target group, we created an entirely new, fresh look, new types of content and user flows; we moved the focus to handpicked quality static content from live cams.
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The Warface Auction House - 2016

To solve frustration caused by item redundancy out of random boxes and refresh the game’s economy we created an auction platform for the players. Through multiple iterations and work closely with the community, built by a multi-studio/country team.
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